Speak UP Radio Vol.113 (2018.02.09)

今回のテーマは「 スラング 」(Slang)

Learning and speaking a new language can be very difficult but a great way to get closer to speaking naturally is to learn some common slang. In this episode We talk about common slang, Japanese slang, and our guests from 台本なし英会話レッスン go up against MJ in the slang quiz! This episode is really sweet! -Adam

新しい言語を学ぶことに難しさを感じるかもしれませんが、よりナチュラルに話す近道はよく使われるスラングを学ぶことです。 このエピソードでは、よく使われるスラングについて話します。日本語のスラングについても話しますよ。 今回のゲストの「台本なし英会話レッスンさん」がMJとスラングのクイズで対戦します!とても楽しいエピソードですよ! −アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.112 (2018.01.26)

今回のテーマは「 友達 」(Friends)

Whenever you’re feeling down, need help or useful advice, your friends can sometimes be the only ones you can turn to. Great friends will always be there in times of need. In this episode MJ and I talk about how we make friends and discuss the meaning of friendship. Join us in another fantastic episode.

元気がない時、助けが必要な時や役に立つアドバイスがほしい時、唯一頼りになるのはあなたの友達かもしれません。 親友は支えが必要な時にいつでもあなたのそばにいてくれる存在ですよね。このエピソードでは、僕とMJがどのように友達をつくるかや 友情の意味について意見を交換します。今回も素晴らしいエピソードをお届けします。ぜひ聞いてください。−アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.111 (2018.01.12)

今回のテーマは「 手品 」(Magic)

When performed well, magic tricks often leave spectators in awe questioning their own reality. In this episode MJ and I talk about our beliefs in magic, some famous magicians, and even show our best magic tricks! Join us again in our first episode of 2018. It's a magical one! -Adam

手品が成功したとき、目の前で起きていることを疑ってしまうほど観客を驚かせることができます。 このエピソードでは、MJと一緒に手品に関して僕たちが思うことや有名な手品師について話します。 さらに僕たちの得意な手品も披露しちゃいますよ!2018年最初のエピソードをぜひお楽しみください。 今回はマジカルなエピソードをお届けします! -アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.110 (2017.12.15)

今回のテーマは「 警察 」(Police)

Police put their lives on the line to protect and serve us and play a huge role in making everyone in the city feel safe.In this episode MJ and I talk with guest Cordell about the differences between police in North America and Japan, our encounters with police, and have fun in a fantastic quiz! Join us in another great episode! -Adam



Speak UP Radio Vol.109 (2017.12.01)

今回のテーマは「 溜め込み屋 」(Pack Rats)

Everyone in this world likes to buy things. As much as we like buying new things, most of us hold on to old stuff too. In this episode we talk about different levels of pack rats, if we're pack rats and how to stop being a pack rat. Tune in and enjoy a great conversation! -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.108 (2017.11.17)

今回のテーマは「 感謝祭 」(Thanksgiving)

November 23rd is America's most food fuelled holiday, Thanksgiving. With old roots this holiday is still all about getting together and being thankful. So gather your friends and family around the table and learn a little more about this North American holiday. -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.107 (2017.11.02)

今回のテーマは「 ビーチ 」(The Beach)

The beach is a great place to get outside and enjoy the salty breeze of the ocean. We invite Jess into the studio to talk about having fun at the beach, getting a tan and swimming. Don't forget your sunscreen for this one! -MJ
ビーチは海の潮風を満喫する絶好の場所です。ジェスをスタジオにお招きして、ビーチで日焼けをしたり、泳いだり、ビーチの楽しさについて話します。このエピソードを聞く皆さん、日焼け止めをお忘れなく! -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.106 (2017.10.20)

今回のテーマは「 睡眠 」(Sleeping)

Sleeping is something that every creature does. It helps us stay fit and strong. It's something so natural that we neglect how important it is in our daily lives. Join us in talking about the wonders of sleep. -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.105 (2017.10.06)

今回のテーマは「 本 」(Books)

When you're a young child, your parents read you books. In school we all learn from books. As adults we get enjoyment from books. In this episode we talk about books we like and debate about the world of digital books. -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.104 (2017.09.22)

今回のテーマは「 ブランド 」(Brands)

Branding is what makes or breaks the image of a company or product. As consumers we can all find some brands that we relate with very well. In this episode we invite Clay into the studio to figure out what a brand is. Hear what brands we like and test your knowledge of brands in the quiz I've prepared. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.103 (2017.09.08)

今回のテーマは「 踊り 」(Dance)

Get on your dancing shoes for episode 103 because we're talking all about dance! Join us as we talk about our dance history and famous dances from around the world. We'll see you on the dance floor. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.102 (2017.08.25)

今回のテーマは「 ネットショッピング 」(Online Shopping)

In this episode we dive into the world of online shopping. A way of shopping that is giving retail shopping a run for it's money. Hear what we think about the whole thing and what the future of online shopping could be like. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.101 (2017.08.11)

今回のテーマは「 アイスクリーム 」(Ice Cream)

Whether on a cone or in a cup, ice cream is a tasty treat enjoyed by people all around the world! Join MJ and I along with our guest Tami as we discuss the differences between all things ice cream in Japan and North America, our likes and dislikes, and find out who wins the ice cream quiz! We bring you another great episode, with a cherry on top! − Adam