Speak UP Radio Vol.134 (2018.07.13)

今回のテーマは「 演説 」(Public Speaking)

No matter where you're from everyone gets nervous when speaking in from of others. In this episode we talk about why we get so scared and what to do to keep that anxiety away.


Speak UP Radio Vol.133 (2018.07.06)

今回のテーマは「 パスタ 」(Pasta)

Do you like pasta! In this episode find out why pasta is so great, our favorite sauces and learn how to say some different types of pasta in our quiz!


Speak UP Radio Vol.132 (2018.06.29)

今回のテーマは「 サッカー 」(Soccer)

There is no doubt about it, soccer is a world wide loved sport that is taking over the headlines now. Step into the world of this great game and learn why we love it so much!


Speak UP Radio Vol.131 (2018.06.22)

今回のテーマは「 自動販売機 」(Vending Machines)

Vending machines in Japan are almost impossible to ignore. They're everywhere! In this episode we discuss their types and usage and popularity! There's even a quiz! Learn some new, fun English in another fantastic episode!

日本の自動販売機の存在は無視したくてもできません。どこにでもあるからです! このエピソードでは、自動販売機の種類と使用法、評判について話します!クイズもありますよ! 新しく楽しい英語を今回の素晴らしいエピソードから学びましょう!


Speak UP Radio Vol.130 (2018.06.15)

今回のテーマは「 ゴミ 」(Garbage)

Every single person in this world creates garbage. A system was made to help us get rid of unwanted trash and keep our lives garbage free. In this episode we dive into the world of garbage, so you better put your gloves on. It's gonna get messy!

人間誰しもがゴミを生み出します。不必要なゴミを処分し、ゴミのない生活を保つための手助けとして(ゴミ収集の)システムが作られました。 このエピソードでは、ゴミの世界に飛び込むので、手袋をした方がいいですよ。けっこう汚れますよ!


Speak UP Radio Vol.129 (2018.06.08)

今回のテーマは「 傘 」(Umbrellas)

The rainy season has already started so what a great chance to talk about umbrellas! The types of umbrellas, umbrella culture, and amazing umbrella ideas are all things we talk about in this episode! Join us for some great English Conversation!

梅雨が始まったので、傘について話す絶好のチャンスですね!傘の種類や傘文化について、発明された素晴らしい特徴を持つ傘についてこのエピソードで話しますよ。 最高の英語でのトークをお届けするので、今回もぜひ聞いてください!


Speak UP Radio Vol.128 (2018.06.01)

今回のテーマは「 新幹線 」(Bullet Trains)

A hundred years ago bullet trains were a thing of the future, but guess what everyone... the future is here! In this episode we talk about the wonders of the bullet train. There is even a quiz to test out your bullet train knowledge. Make sure not to miss this train.

今から100年前、新幹線は未来のものでしたが、皆さんお気づきですか…未来は今ここにあります!このエピソードでは、新幹線の不思議について話します。 あなたの新幹線の知識を試すクイズもありますよ。この電車に乗り遅れないでくださいね!


Speak UP Radio Vol.127 (2018.05.25)

今回のテーマは「 行列 」(Lines)

Whether for exclusive goods or just everyday commuting, waiting in line is something that we all have experienced. In this episode we talk about the differences between line culture in Japan and North America and share our experiences. Join us in another great episode!



Speak UP Radio Vol.126 (2018.05.18)

今回のテーマは「 鳥 」(Birds)

Whether you are watching them at a park or a zoo, birds are an incredible species that have many different physical features. In this episode we talk about the National birds from Japan, USA and Canada, share a story about birds and there is even a Quiz! Join us and learn some bird words!



Speak UP Radio Vol.125 (2018.05.11)

今回のテーマは「 朝食 」(Breakfast)

It is often said that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. But why is breakfast so special? In this episode we talk about North American breakfast, Smoothies, and what we eat. We hope you can add this episode to your breakfast routine and add some nutritious English to your diet!



Speak UP Radio Vol.124 (2018.05.04)

今回のテーマは「 水族館 」(Aquariums)

The deep sea and oceans are very mysterious places for many of us but aquariums allow us to see some of the creatures that live in the water. In this episode we talk about what we like and dislike about aquariums and what might be the most popular animals in the Aquarium. Join us and discover a new perspective about aquariums!



Speak UP Radio Vol.123 (2018.04.27)

今回のテーマは「 寿司 」(Sushi)

Whenever most people from foreign countries think about Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious sushi. In this episode we talk about some surprising things we found out about sushi and discover the names of different fish in the sushi quiz! Join us and find out how to say some popular sushi names in English!



Speak UP Radio Vol.122 (2018.04.20)

今回のテーマは「 遊び場 」(Playgrounds)

Playgrounds are a great place for children to play and get exercise! In this episode we talk about playgrounds in Japan, some of our favorite playground equipment, and share some memories about being on the playground. Join us and learn some great playground vocabulary!



Speak UP Radio Vol.121 (2018.04.13)

今回のテーマは「 テーブルマナー 」(Table Manners)

When we were children our parents taught us the rights and wrongs of many things. One of those things is the appropriate way to eat at the table. In this episode we talk about table manners in Japan, North America and our own table manners. Join us and learn how you can explain table manners to people from foreign countries!



Speak UP Radio Vol.120 (2018.04.06)

今回のテーマは「 ロールモデル 」(Role Models)

Role Models can have a great impact on a persons life, opportunities and choices and having a role model can be great for personal development. In this episode we discuss what makes a good role model, why role models are important and role models in our lives. Join us in another great episode! - Adam

ロールモデル(行動や考え方の模範となる人物)は、その人の人生や人生に訪れるチャンス、何かの決断をする時に大きな影響を与え、自己の成長のための大きな強みになります。 このエピソードでは、いいロールモデルの条件についてやなぜロールモデルの存在が重要か、自分の人生にとってのロールモデルについて話します。最高のエピソードを今回も一緒に楽しみましょう!-アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.119 (2018.03.30)

今回のテーマは「 電車 」(Trains)

Since the first steam engine in the early 19th century, trains have had a vital role in changing history, culture and society. In this episode we talk about trains in Japan, North America and have fun with our guest James in the train chime quiz! All aboard! Join us! - Adam

19世紀初頭に最初の蒸気機関車が発明されて以来、電車は歴史や文化、社会を変える重要な役割を果たしました。 このエピソードでは日本や北アメリカの電車について話します。電車の発車メロディーのクイズにゲストのジェームスも参加しますので、 お楽しみください!さあ出発進行!一緒に楽しみましょう!-アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.118 (2018.03.23)

今回のテーマは「 ポテトチップス 」(Chips)

In many countries a staple junk food to have at any social gathering is Potato Chips! In this episode we talk about the difference between chips in Japan and North America, our favorite chips and there's also a chip tasting quiz! Join us and share in the excitement! -Adam

多くの国々でパーティーのような集まりがある時に出されるメジャーなジャンクフードはポテトチップスです! このエピソードでは日本と北アメリカのポテトチップスの違いについてや僕たちが大好きなポテトチップスについて話します。 ポテトチップスの試食クイズもありますよ!楽しさいっぱいのこのエピソードをぜひ聞いてください! −アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.117 (2018.03.15)

今回のテーマは「 デート 」(Dating)

One important stage of any romantic relationship is dating. It allows us to discover our perfect match when looking for a future partner. In this episode, we talk about what makes a great dating spot, dating in entertainment and some rules and etiquette of dating in North America. Please join us in this exciting episode! -Adam

デートをすることは恋愛関係においてとても大切な段階の一つです。将来のパートナーを探している時にピッタリな相手を探すのを手助けしてくれます。 このエピソードでは、最高のデートスポットの条件や恋人探しのテレビ番組について、北アメリカでデートをするときのルールやエチケットについて話します。 ワクワク感いっぱいのこのエピソードをぜひお聞きください! −アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.116 (2018.03.09)

今回のテーマは「 ジュエリー 」(Jewelry)

Jewelry has been worn by many people throughout history as a form of self expression, presentation of status and also a way to look more attractive. In this episode we are joined by guest Tami, to discuss types of jewelry and share some personal stories about our own jewelry. Join us in all the excitement! -Adam

自分を表現したり、立場を表したり、より魅力的に見せるために何世紀にもわたり多くの人々がジュエリーを身に着けてきました。 このエピソードでは、ゲストのタミーに来ていただき、ジュエリーの種類についてや自分のジュエリーに関連した経験談を話します。 ワクワク感がたくさん詰まっているこのエピソードを一緒に楽しみましょう!-アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.115 (2018.03.02)

今回のテーマは「 チョコレート 」(Chocolate)

Chocolate is a tasty treat that comes in many shapes and sizes and is enjoyed by many all over the world. In this episode we discuss our favorite chocolate things, what we’ve made with chocolate and there’s even a chocolate taste test! Join us in this wonderful episode! -Adam

チョコレートには、様々な形や大きさのバリエーションがあり、世界中のたくさんの人に楽しまれているおいしいお菓子です。 このエピソードでは、僕たちの大好きなチョコレートについてやチョコレートを使って作ったことのあるものについて話しますよ。チョコレートの当てっこゲームもあります!今回の素晴らしいエピソードをぜひお聞きください!−アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.114 (2018.02.23)

今回のテーマは「 スニーカー 」(Sneakers)

Many of us wear this type of footwear but do you know about the huge sub-culture that surrounds them? In this episode MJ and I talk about Sneaker culture, our favorite style of shoe and I challenge my sneaker knowledge in MJ’s quiz! Join us in another great episode and pick up some awesome English along the way! -Adam

多くの人が履く履物ですよね。でもこの履物の持つ大きなサブカルチャーを皆さんはご存じですか? このエピソードでは、MJと一緒にスニーカー文化についてや僕たちの一番好きな靴のスタイルについて話します。 そして、MJのクイズで僕のスニーカー知識が試されます。またまた最高なエピソードをお届けするので、ぜひ聞きながらイケてる英語を拾っていってくださいね!−アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.113 (2018.02.09)

今回のテーマは「 スラング 」(Slang)

Learning and speaking a new language can be very difficult but a great way to get closer to speaking naturally is to learn some common slang. In this episode We talk about common slang, Japanese slang, and our guests from 台本なし英会話レッスン go up against MJ in the slang quiz! This episode is really sweet! -Adam

新しい言語を学ぶことに難しさを感じるかもしれませんが、よりナチュラルに話す近道はよく使われるスラングを学ぶことです。このエピソードでは、よく使われるスラングについて話します。日本語のスラングについても話しますよ。今回のゲストの「台本なし英会話レッスンさん」がMJとスラングのクイズで対戦します!とても楽しいエピソードですよ! −アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.112 (2018.01.26)

今回のテーマは「 友達 」(Friends)

Whenever you’re feeling down, need help or useful advice, your friends can sometimes be the only ones you can turn to. Great friends will always be there in times of need. In this episode MJ and I talk about how we make friends and discuss the meaning of friendship. Join us in another fantastic episode.

元気がない時、助けが必要な時や役に立つアドバイスがほしい時、唯一頼りになるのはあなたの友達かもしれません。 親友は支えが必要な時にいつでもあなたのそばにいてくれる存在ですよね。このエピソードでは、僕とMJがどのように友達をつくるかや 友情の意味について意見を交換します。今回も素晴らしいエピソードをお届けします。ぜひ聞いてください。−アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.111 (2018.01.12)

今回のテーマは「 手品 」(Magic)

When performed well, magic tricks often leave spectators in awe questioning their own reality. In this episode MJ and I talk about our beliefs in magic, some famous magicians, and even show our best magic tricks! Join us again in our first episode of 2018. It's a magical one! -Adam

手品が成功したとき、目の前で起きていることを疑ってしまうほど観客を驚かせることができます。 このエピソードでは、MJと一緒に手品に関して僕たちが思うことや有名な手品師について話します。 さらに僕たちの得意な手品も披露しちゃいますよ!2018年最初のエピソードをぜひお楽しみください。 今回はマジカルなエピソードをお届けします! -アダム


Speak UP Radio Vol.110 (2017.12.15)

今回のテーマは「 警察 」(Police)

Police put their lives on the line to protect and serve us and play a huge role in making everyone in the city feel safe.In this episode MJ and I talk with guest Cordell about the differences between police in North America and Japan, our encounters with police, and have fun in a fantastic quiz! Join us in another great episode! -Adam



Speak UP Radio Vol.109 (2017.12.01)

今回のテーマは「 溜め込み屋 」(Pack Rats)

Everyone in this world likes to buy things. As much as we like buying new things, most of us hold on to old stuff too. In this episode we talk about different levels of pack rats, if we're pack rats and how to stop being a pack rat. Tune in and enjoy a great conversation! -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.108 (2017.11.17)

今回のテーマは「 感謝祭 」(Thanksgiving)

November 23rd is America's most food fuelled holiday, Thanksgiving. With old roots this holiday is still all about getting together and being thankful. So gather your friends and family around the table and learn a little more about this North American holiday. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.107 (2017.11.02)

今回のテーマは「 ビーチ 」(The Beach)

The beach is a great place to get outside and enjoy the salty breeze of the ocean. We invite Jess into the studio to talk about having fun at the beach, getting a tan and swimming. Don't forget your sunscreen for this one! -MJ

ビーチは海の潮風を満喫する絶好の場所です。ジェスをスタジオにお招きして、ビーチで日焼けをしたり、泳いだり、ビーチの楽しさについて話します。このエピソードを聞く皆さん、日焼け止めをお忘れなく! -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.106 (2017.10.20)

今回のテーマは「 睡眠 」(Sleeping)

Sleeping is something that every creature does. It helps us stay fit and strong. It's something so natural that we neglect how important it is in our daily lives. Join us in talking about the wonders of sleep. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.105 (2017.10.06)

今回のテーマは「 本 」(Books)

When you're a young child, your parents read you books. In school we all learn from books. As adults we get enjoyment from books. In this episode we talk about books we like and debate about the world of digital books. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.104 (2017.09.22)

今回のテーマは「 ブランド 」(Brands)

Branding is what makes or breaks the image of a company or product. As consumers we can all find some brands that we relate with very well. In this episode we invite Clay into the studio to figure out what a brand is. Hear what brands we like and test your knowledge of brands in the quiz I've prepared. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.103 (2017.09.08)

今回のテーマは「 踊り 」(Dance)

Get on your dancing shoes for episode 103 because we're talking all about dance! Join us as we talk about our dance history and famous dances from around the world. We'll see you on the dance floor. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.102 (2017.08.25)

今回のテーマは「 ネットショッピング 」(Online Shopping)

In this episode we dive into the world of online shopping. A way of shopping that is giving retail shopping a run for it's money. Hear what we think about the whole thing and what the future of online shopping could be like. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.101 (2017.08.11)

今回のテーマは「 アイスクリーム 」(Ice Cream)

Whether on a cone or in a cup, ice cream is a tasty treat enjoyed by people all around the world! Join MJ and I along with our guest Tami as we discuss the differences between all things ice cream in Japan and North America, our likes and dislikes, and find out who wins the ice cream quiz! We bring you another great episode, with a cherry on top! − Adam