Speak UP Radio Vol.100 (2017.07.28)


With everyone being able to stay online constantly, there is constantly fun and informative shows that are available online for us all to enjoy. Behind each show are great minds and there are just too many to not share. In this episode, hear shows and personalities that Adam and I enjoy while we're surfing the web. There's even a fun quiz where I'm really put to the test! Enjoy our 100th episode! -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.099 (2017.07.14)

今回のテーマは「習慣と日課」(Habits and Routines)

We all have a set of habits or routines that play an important role in our lives and enable us to complete our day without spending too much time thinking about it. However, there are both good and bad habits that reveal themselves under various conditions. In this episode, we discuss habits, routines and various ways to break bad habits. Join us for another fantastic episode! −Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.098 (2017.06.30)


Moving into a new apartment or house can be a very exciting time in your life. Out with the old and in with the new. The feeling of starting a fresh life is a big part of moving, but so is the stress of looking for your dream house and packing all your stuff. Joining us in this episode with our special guest, Mike! Enjoy the move. -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.097 (2017.06.16)


When we go grocery shopping, a common item on all of our lists is fruit. Fruit is a very important element in creating a healthy diet. In this episode MJ and I talk about all things fruity. From our likes and dislikes, strange fruit and we even share stories about fruit from our past. Come along with us on this fruit-filled adventure! -Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.096 (2017.06.02)


For a long time, humans have collected objects for many reasons such as love for the ideas the objects represent, comfort and the satisfaction of ownership. In this episode, MJ and I discuss the different kinds of things people collect, our own collections, and some unusual collections from around the world. Join us for another intriguing episode! -Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.095 (2017.05.19)

今回のテーマは「身体改造」(Body Modification)

"To body modify or not to body modify, that is the question"... and it's a question that we tackle in this episode with our guest, Tami. We cover the history and meanings of piercings and tattoos. Find out what body modification we would do in episode 95! -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.094 (2017.05.01)


Oh... Canada! It's time we learn about the land of hockey and maple syrup. In this episode Adam fills us in on what it was like growing up in Canada. We also discuss Canadian misconceptions and Adam even has a quiz prepared for us! Listen and enjoy eh! -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.093 (2017.04.21)


In this episode we learn about my hometown and talk about common misconceptions of America. I also see just how much Adam knows about his neighboring country with a quiz all about the USA. How much do you know about the States? Listen to find out! -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.092 (2017.04.07)

今回のテーマは「武術」(Martial Arts)

In this episode we welcome special guest, James to talk about the world of martial arts. Join us while we discuss what martial arts are, if we've done any and it's influence in movies. 3,2,1, FIGHT! -MJ
このエピソードでは、スペシャルゲストのジェームスをお迎えし、武術の世界について語ります。武術とは何か、武術をやったことがあるか、また武術に関連のある映画について話し合うので、ぜひ聞いてください。3,2,1, FIGHT! -MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.091 (2017.03.24)


I hope you're all ready for some laughs because this episode we talk about comedy! Find out what the difference is between North American and Japanese comedy and humor. Also learn what tickles our funny bones. -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.090 (2017.03.10)


One of the most important features of the internet is its ability to allow for communication around the world almost instantly and there are a lot of companies which have expanded on this feature to make communication more of an experience by creating different social networking services. In this episode, MJ and I discuss the past and present SNS that we used and our opinions about them and MJ tries his luck in the SNS quiz! Tune in and join us in the fun! −Adam

インターネットの最大の特徴のひとつに「全世界の人々と簡単にコミュニケーションがとれる」ことが挙げられます。またそこには様々なキャンペーンやイベントを通して、より広いコミュニケーションの場がSNS(ソーシャル・ネットワーキング・サービス)で広がっています。このエピソードではMJとAdamが少し前と現在のSNSについて語ります。またMJがSNSクイズに挑戦! 一緒に楽しみましょう! −Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.089 (2017.02.24)

今回のテーマは「楽器」(Musical Instruments)

Music is a wonderful thing! So wonderful that people will pour their heart and soul into learning how to play a musical instrument. In this episode we invite Kevin into the studio to talk about what we think about playing instruments. You can also test your knowledge of instruments by joining our quiz about them! Turn it up and get ready for an ear full! -MJ

音楽って素晴らしいですよね!音楽の素晴らしさに魅了され、楽器の弾き方を学ぼうと全身全霊を注ぎ込む人もいますね。 このエピソードではケビンをスタジオにお呼びして楽器演奏についての意見を語ります。 クイズに参加してあなたの楽器の知識レベルも計ってみよう!耳を傾けて楽しみながら聞いてください!-MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.088 (2017.02.10)


It is very common practice in different cultures to attempt to read a person’s future or personality based on certain criteria like their astrological sign, year of birth and even blood type in some cases. These readings are also known as horoscopes. In this episode, MJ and I talk about two different but popular types of horoscopes based on both the Chinese zodiac and Astrology. We also share our zodiac signs their meanings and predictions. MJ even tests me to see if Zodiac’s are truly correct. Please join us in this mystical adventure! -Adam

星座や生年月日、時には血液型などからその人の性格や未来を読む「ホロスコープ」。このエピーソドではMJとAdamが中国発祥の干支と占星術について紹介するよ。2人の星座とその意味や今後の予測、さらにはMJがAdamの占い結果をテストするよ!ミステリアスな冒険を一緒に楽しもう! -Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.087 (2017.01.27)


This episode focuses on the top new year's resolution in Japan, dieting. Adam and I talk about popular diets in Japan as well as answering the question everyone's been asking, do you diet? Tune in to find out! -MJ



Speak UP Radio Vol.086 (2017.01.13)

今回のテーマは「テレビゲーム」(Video Games)

Whether to stay entertained on a rainy day, as a hobby or just plain old fun, playing Video Games is a common activity that many children and adults share. In this episode, Me, MJ and new special guest Kaitlin, talk about the first video games that we played, how video games have changed us, and at the end, MJ and Kaitlin go head to head in the "Name That Video Game Quiz". This episode is fun for all! So please, join us. -Adam

雨の日に室内で楽しめるものして「趣味」や、テレビゲームなどは大人から子どもまで親しみがあるもの。このエピソードではAdamとMJに加えてゲストのKaitlinがそれぞれはじめてやったテレビゲームついて話します。 そして最後は「テレビゲームクイズ」に挑戦!みんなが楽しめること間違いなし!みんなも参加してね!-Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.085 (2016.12.28)

今回のテーマは「新年の抱負髪とPPP」(Resolutions and Peter's Problem Poppers)

It looks like another wonderful year of Speak Up Radio has come to an end. We hope you’ve all succeeded in achieving the resolutions you made at the beginning of 2016 and are ready for a brand new year! In this final episode, we share the Top 5 Resolutions made in North America and Japan and we also challenge our imaginations with Peter’s Problem Poppers! Please join us in the fun and help ring in the new year! -Adam

2016年の最後に最高のエピソードをお届けするよ!僕らはみなさんが2016年のはじめに立てた抱負を達成し、 新しい年を迎えることを願っています。今年最後のエピソードではアメリカや日本での抱負トップ5を紹介します! さらにおまけとして、Peterが次々に出題する「なぞなぞ」にもチャレンジしますよ♪一緒に考えてみてね!-Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.084 (2016.12.16)


In many places around the world, hair is connected very closely with a person's identity and sometimes, has a huge impact on how we are seen by others. In this episode, MJ and I discuss the differences between barbers and salons, different hair care products and our favourite hairstyles. Tune in and have a good hair day with us! -Adam

世界中どこでも、「髪」はその人の個性をあらわすものであり、同時に相手にも強い印象を与えます。 このエピソードではMJと僕が「理容室の美容室の違い」や「様々なヘアケア用品、そして「好きな髪形」について話すよ。 皆さんも少し髪を整えてお楽しみください! -Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.083 (2016.12.02)


No matter what genre, movies allow us to go to places we've never been and open our eyes to wonderful new experiences. In this episode, MJ and I are joined by special guest Peter to talk about the qualities of a good movie and our favorite movies. We even suggest some great movies that we think everyone should watch. Tune in and join the fun! -Adam

どのようなジャンルであれ、映画は私たちが行ったことのない場所へ連れて行ってくれ、素晴らしい新しい体験を与えてくれます。 このエピソードでは、MJと僕とスペシャルゲストのピーターと一緒にいい映画の特徴についてや僕たちの大好きな映画について話しますよ。 僕たちが素晴らしいと思うお勧めの映画も紹介します。一緒に楽しみながら聞いてくださいね! -Adam


Speak UP Radio Vol.082 (2016.11.21)


Everyone has their own way of relaxing. Whether it's going to yoga class or reading a book. One common place that people like to unwind is at bars. In this episode we talk about types of bars and the differences between bars and izakayas! Tune in and stay with us for a few rounds. -MJ

誰もが自分のリラックス法を持っています。人にもよりますが、ヨガのレッスンに行くことだったり、本を読むことだったりします。 多くの人がリラックスするためによく行く場所は飲み屋ですね。このエピソードでは、色々な飲み屋の種類についてやバーと居酒屋の違いについて話しますよ! 何杯かお酒を飲みながら聞いてくださいね。-MJ


Speak UP Radio Vol.081 (2016.11.04)

今回のテーマは「野生動物」(Wild Animals)

For a long time, humans have considered themselves to be at the top of the food chain because of the advances we have made to our society. However, that may not be completely true in many areas of the world where many dangerous species roam. In this episode hosts MJ and I talk about our favorite and feared wild animals at the zoo, share our stories about a wild animal encounter and I take on MJ's Animal Quiz! It's tons of fun so tune in for some wild animal excitement! - Adam

社会に進化をもたらした私たち人間は、長いこと食物連鎖の頂点にいると思ってきました。 しかしながら、多くの危険な生き物がうろつく多くの国々では、これは完全な真実ではないかもしれません。 このエピソードでは、ホストのMJと僕が一番好きな動物園にいる怖い野生動物について話しをしたり、野生動物と遭遇した経験談をシェアーていきますよ。 僕がMJの動物クイズにも頑張って答えます!すごく楽しいので、ワクワクする野生動物のエピソードをぜひ聞いてください!-Adam