Speak UP Radio Vol.140 (2018.08.24)

今回のテーマは「 ウォーターパーク 」(Waterparks)

Do you enjoy going to the waterpark? Have you experienced going to a waterpark in another country? These are some of the things we talk about and more in this episode.


Speak UP Radio Vol.139 (2018.08.17)

今回のテーマは「 蚊 」(Mosquitoes)

Do you want to know how to keep mosquitoes away, or maybe different ways to stop the itch of a mosquito bite. Learn more and take our mosquito quiz to really know your enemy.


Speak UP Radio Vol.138 (2018.08.10)

今回のテーマは「 富士山 」(Mt. Fuji)

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about Japan is the great volcanic mountain known as Mt. Fuji. In this episode hear our views about why Mt. Fuji is so symbolic for us and Japan!


Speak UP Radio Vol.137 (2018.08.03)

今回のテーマは「 リーダーシップ 」(Leadership)

Great leaders in our history brought us to where we are today. Good or bad, leaders have a certain qualities that encourages us to follow them. Learn about it in this episode!


Speak UP Radio Vol.136 (2018.07.27)

今回のテーマは「 熱波 」(Heatwave)

It's hot isn't it? In this episode find out the difference between "hot" and "humidity" as well as some ways we beat the heat in North America and Japan.


Speak UP Radio Vol.135 (2018.07.20)

今回のテーマは「 腕時計 」(Watches)

Some people wear them for fashion while others wear them for function. But overall the watch can be seen as a very useful item. In this episode, find out all about watch culture and our experiences with watches.


Speak UP Radio Vol.134 (2018.07.13)

今回のテーマは「 演説 」(Public Speaking)

No matter where you're from everyone gets nervous when speaking in front of others. In this episode we talk about why we get so scared and what to do to keep that anxiety away.


Speak UP Radio Vol.133 (2018.07.06)

今回のテーマは「 パスタ 」(Pasta)

Do you like pasta! In this episode find out why pasta is so great, our favorite sauces and learn how to say some different types of pasta in our quiz!


Speak UP Radio Vol.132 (2018.06.29)

今回のテーマは「 サッカー 」(Soccer)

There is no doubt about it, soccer is a world wide loved sport that is taking over the headlines now. Step into the world of this great game and learn why we love it so much!


Speak UP Radio Vol.131 (2018.06.22)

今回のテーマは「 自動販売機 」(Vending Machines)

日本の自動販売機の存在は無視したくてもできません。どこにでもあるからです! 自動販売機の種類と使用法、外国人からの評判について話します!英語クイズもありますよ! 新しく楽しい英語を今回の素晴らしいテーマから学びましょう!

Vending machines in Japan are almost impossible to ignore. They're everywhere! In this episode we discuss their types and usage and popularity! There's even a quiz! Learn some new, fun English in another fantastic episode!


Speak UP Radio Vol.130 (2018.06.15)

今回のテーマは「 ゴミ 」(Garbage)


Every single person in this world creates garbage. A system was made to help us get rid of unwanted trash and keep our lives garbage free. In this episode we dive into the world of garbage, so you better put your gloves on. It's gonna get messy!


Speak UP Radio Vol.129 (2018.06.08)

今回のテーマは「 傘 」(Umbrellas)


The rainy season has already started so what a great chance to talk about umbrellas! The types of umbrellas, umbrella culture, and amazing umbrella ideas are all things we talk about in this episode! Join us for some great English Conversation!


Speak UP Radio Vol.128 (2018.06.01)

今回のテーマは「 新幹線 」(Bullet Trains)


A hundred years ago bullet trains were a thing of the future, but guess what everyone... the future is here! In this episode we talk about the wonders of the bullet train. There is even a quiz to test out your bullet train knowledge. Make sure not to miss this train.


Speak UP Radio Vol.127 (2018.05.25)

今回のテーマは「 行列 」(Lines)


Whether for exclusive goods or just everyday commuting, waiting in line is something that we all have experienced. In this episode we talk about the differences between line culture in Japan and North America and share our experiences. Join us in another great episode!


Speak UP Radio Vol.126 (2018.05.18)

今回のテーマは「 鳥 」(Birds)


Whether you are watching them at a park or a zoo, birds are an incredible species that have many different physical features. In this episode we talk about the National birds from Japan, USA and Canada, share a story about birds and there is even a Quiz! Join us and learn some bird words!


Speak UP Radio Vol.125 (2018.05.11)

今回のテーマは「 朝食 」(Breakfast)


It is often said that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. But why is breakfast so special? In this episode we talk about North American breakfast, Smoothies, and what we eat. We hope you can add this episode to your breakfast routine and add some nutritious English to your diet!


Speak UP Radio Vol.124 (2018.05.04)

今回のテーマは「 水族館 」(Aquariums)


The deep sea and oceans are very mysterious places for many of us but aquariums allow us to see some of the creatures that live in the water. In this episode we talk about what we like and dislike about aquariums and what might be the most popular animals in the Aquarium. Join us and discover a new perspective about aquariums!


Speak UP Radio Vol.123 (2018.04.27)

今回のテーマは「 寿司 」(Sushi)


Whenever most people from foreign countries think about Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious sushi. In this episode we talk about some surprising things we found out about sushi and discover the names of different fish in the sushi quiz! Join us and find out how to say some popular sushi names in English!


Speak UP Radio Vol.122 (2018.04.20)

今回のテーマは「 遊び場 」(Playgrounds)


Playgrounds are a great place for children to play and get exercise! In this episode we talk about playgrounds in Japan, some of our favorite playground equipment, and share some memories about being on the playground. Join us and learn some great playground vocabulary!


Speak UP Radio Vol.121 (2018.04.13)

今回のテーマは「 テーブルマナー 」(Table Manners)


When we were children our parents taught us the rights and wrongs of many things. One of those things is the appropriate way to eat at the table. In this episode we talk about table manners in Japan, North America and our own table manners. Join us and learn how you can explain table manners to people from foreign countries!